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  • Convert File system based Media to Database storage in Sitecore

    Introduction: We had a large enterprise sitecore application where there were thousands of media items where the actual media was stored in filesystem and there were another set of thousands of media items which were stored in database. This combination made it difficult to maintain and it also did not make sense to have two… Continue Reading →

  • Convert Unversioned Media to Versioned. (Changing template for an Item )

    In our sitecore application, there were a lot of unversioned media items. These are the media items derived from unversioned template. For Example, “/sitecore/templates/System/Media/Unversioned/Image” , “/sitecore/templates/System/Media/Unversioned/Jpeg”, “/sitecore/templates/System/Media/Unversioned/Pdf”. We needed to convert the unversioned items to versioned items. Since the number of items were huge, sitecore powershell script was the best way to do it. Not… Continue Reading →